Power Distri

Current distribution of 16-400 amps
Any event needs its corresponding current distribution.

A not to be underestimated problem in projects is the wrong or insufficient power distribution. This can lead you to a complete current colapse and the party is over; – the band must stopp to play, the sound stops, light blow of, the caterer must stop cooking,……What a pity!

Not enough power on site or not the needed distributors for the power are available or…; – there are countless details in a power distribution to take care about.

We’re specialized in planning and implementation of current distributions of all sizes. Trough our experience we can garantee to find a solution for all power dsitribution problems. Contact us for your event.

Our current products:
• Cables of all cross-sections for all currents 16A-400A
• Distribution of currents
• Electric generators for power supply
• Cable cross to protect the cable in vulnerable locations like road crossings
• Electrical timer for all current types