Stages & more

STAGES: Our stage sets everybody in the right light. We rent and sell stages and scenes in all conceivable shapes and sizes. We have the appropriate stage for every kind of event. There is no place where we can’t build the appropriate stage.

TRUSS: Their nice look, light, weight and high load limit; truss system is an optimal, easy mountable, effective and flexible support solution.

Trusses are ideal for:
• Installation of lighting, sound and video equipment.
• Decoration and fittings.
• Exhibitions, art openings and theater or studio lighting.
• Light stands, plasma stands, groyne construction, decoration …

SECURITY: We provide all you need for the security of your event. To protect people against going in an non-authorisez area, to climb on stage, to canalize movements of people, or to hide certain areas of an event, the organiser needs the installation of appropriate security material.